Take the Side of Good or Evil with these Transformer Costumes Designs

The war between the evil Decepticons and the good Autobots for the All Spark Cube has taken a new turn now, with Transformers costumes being made that are creative and also hilarious. These costumes would definitely take the fancy of every geek who ever watched the movie transformers, for who does not love these alien robots, fighting, for mankind’s position on earth as the being’s with the power.


Although these costumes do not look to me to be too comfortable, they are well made and don’t look all that bad in themselves. Of course being made of cardboard means they would have no stability, and are definitely impractical to actually use. What would happen if it rains, or if the transformer gets a little bump while fighting for his cause?

The idea is true enough though, as the transformers would make amazing costumes for any geek at a party. There is no one that would not take notice of Optimus Prime or Megatron at a get together. You can take the side of the Autobots to try save the world or the dark side with the Decepticons, whichever you see yourself fit better in.

For another geeky costume, check out the Bumblebee Transformer Costume that was homemade but deserves respect.

Via: geekstir