Waze Lets You Munch and Gain Gift Points this Thanksgiving


Waze is an amazing social media smartphone app which allows drivers and motorists to passively send GPS data and thus help other drivers with information regarding road maps, fix problems, warn about traffic confusions and many other similar problems faced while driving. This amazing app has been used by many drivers and most swear by Waze now. Waze has now launched the “Road Goodies”, a cool new deal which allows the drivers to gain points by just driving from one point to another. We had written about Waze sometime back.

The idea is to let the driver’s GPS system send data about missing connections between two points along a road or intersecting roads, when they drive from one point to another. If the routes do intersect, the data is sent to the Waze community maps via the GPS. When a driver “munches” these missing points and reveals an existing route, he or she gets points. The rare “goodies” come with 500 points, the hammer comes with 250 points and the more common but immensely cute cherries come with 100 points.

waze screenshot

These bonus points can be used in a number of ways and Waze will even come up with newer surprises in the future. It would almost feel like the driving is playing Pacman using the car and the roads, but only this time it is for real. Thanks to Thanksgiving, Waze is also offering Holiday High Points Challenge where in you stand to win Amazon gift cards worth $500, $300 and $200. You could visit their site for more information.

Via: Waze Blog