Pacman Belts are Cute and Retro

Pac Man Metal Buckle Belt

Pacman fans have two new reasons to expand their accessory collection, thanks to these Pacman belt designs that are amazingly cute and also retro. As mentioned earlier, there is a buckle focused design and then there is the Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde design, with all the characters stacked on the entire belt. In the former, you have a large Pacman metal buckle that would guarantee eyeball attention. It measures around 42 inches and is good for those who prefer subtlety. Pinky is featured on this belt too, with a few repetitions around the entire length. The latter of course is more loud, colorful and of course cuter. This one is going to be a huge draw among children. With all their favorite characters, and a yellow Pacman for the buckle, the Pacman belt is 42 inches in length too.

Pac Man Blue Trim Belt
The four-ghost and Pacman belt design has a blue trim that lends additional appeal. This belt can be adjusted to any length below 42 inches, too. Apparently, this was the same design that Noel Fielding had worn during the Mighty Boosh. For those of you who have already made up your minds, the Pacman metal buckle belt costs $20 and the latter costs $15.

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