Recycle Your Old VHS Player Into Your Very Own Geeky Toaster

Considering the light speed with which technology is now progressing, many people are left with those old VHS players and nothing to do with them. This is an interesting manner  in which you can convert that old player into your very own toaster, and it doesn’t look to0 bad as well.

VHS toaster1

Wondering if this is some kind of  rocket science? well thats not quiet true. All you need is an average IQ and a bit of know how when it comes to electronics. To break it down for you, all one needs to do it to strip their old toaster down to the bare minimum  and then cram up everything into the hollow case of your old VHS player. The final trick is attaching the lever on the toaster to the button on the player.  Do that and voila! you have your very own geeky toaster that looks like the VHS player you wanted to throw way.

Another cool feature that the designer managed to incorporate was the VHS symbol that that you get burnt on to your toast. This cool looking toaster is perfect suited that geeky themed kitchen or the perfect buy for that geeky environmentalist. So go green with this cool VHS player turned toaster.

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via: instructables