A Cake Disguised as a Burger with Fries on the side!

burger and fries cake

Everyone loves cakes, and one of the reasons why everyone adores cakes is the icing on top that is so sweet, flavorful and yummy. The icing on the cake makes it all the yummier, especially for kids and also brings out creative skills of the people who bake these cakes; Take a look at this burger and fries cake for instance. It is amazing how the idea of having burger and fries gets our mouth watering at any time of the day. And here we have a burger disguised as a cake, and I am sure who eats it will be pleasantly surprised!

Everyone loves cakes because of the different flavors and tastes, colors and smells. You would be surprised to know that many people who bake cakes and decorate them with beautiful icing are satisfied doing just that, more than eating the cake, which actually turns out good for those who get to eat the cake!

This burger and fries cake by CupcakeJonas89 is the complete package, it makes us crave doubly since it reminds us of delicious burgers but is actually a cake, it is beautifully and correctly colored and ranks perfect as to copy a burger. Most people who bake cakes try different stuff, like houses, Christmas trees, etc and here is a cake disguised as a burger. If you are fan of baking and icing cakes with varied ideas you should also take a look at this unique Rock Band concert cake, the Wheel of Fortune cake and the new Rubik’s cube cake.