Image of Steve Ballmer in Blue Screen of Death Displays

Steve Ballmer

If you are searching for an art of a different kind, this image of Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft Corporation, may turn out to be quite an interesting one and could scare more than a few geeks. Thanks to the ingenious idea of the creator – the Fake Steve Jobs, about 80 different photos of PCs displaying the Blue Screen of Death were used to craft the face of Steve Ballmer. To make the image somewhat funny, the humor quotient is heightened by making the tongue of Mr. Ballmer stick out…kind of reminds me of his Developers Speech.


If you want to probe deeper to find out how this entire job was done, you can even take a glance at the larger version of the image, where the close up of Mr. Ballmer’s Blue Screen of Death tongue allows you to see how the error screens were arranged to create the entire effect. However, the creator doesn’t consider this as a piece of art and would rather call it to be a poorly drawn portrait of the Microsoft CEO.

You would be able to download this image soon so that you can get a print out, frame it, and either keep it for yourself or give as a winter solstice holiday gift to those people whom you dislike but would rather let Steve Ballmer’s tongue do all the talking rather than telling them yourself how you loathe them!

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Via: Gizmodo