Spiderman Cow is An Ungulate Savior

spiderman cow polymnia

It is retirement time for activists from the animal rights guild, now that the ungulates have a savior in Spider Cow…Spider Cows rather. These Spiderman inspired cow concepts are rearing their head across the world, one at the Ethniki Asfalistiki building in Athens three years ago, and then another at the WhatIf Innovation in London and a rather clumsily dressed version in some corner of the earth. Clearly, the ‘save the cow’ wave is finding its highest peak in recent times. As far as reality goes, well, they are just as effective as Spiderman himself in saving lives. In simpler terms, dream on!

Spider Cow Athens 1

spiderman cow roxanna We took a special liking for the slick and stylish Athens version of the Spiderman Cow, even though Escaped Monkey, Roxanna, Hirotohoashi, Pieber and Nadia Pezzini caught some amazing superhero cows of their own. Seems like ‘it’ has been working out quite a bit and is in perfect shape to kick some bad cow ass. The other versions are striking of course (we wouldn’t come across costumed cows often!), but need to shed a little of their cellulite. As concepts, we certainly do not have to mention that these ideas have hit the bull’s eye (pun intended!). The cows can graze in peace.

Spider Cow WhatIf Innovation London

Spider Cow Random

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spiderman cow escaped monkey

spiderman cow hirotohoashi

spiderman cow nadia

spiderman cow peiber