Circuitboard Shoes Run Down The Path Of Recycling

Recycling is the rage of the present age and there is no doubt bout it that one of its most influenced spheres is art, and this sculpture of a Nike sneaker made entirely from junk stands testemant to it.

reclcled sneaker 1

This replica by Gabriel Dishaw is composed mostly of fried or thrown away circuit boards coupled together with other junk you’ll find easily available a junkyard. Even though the shoe looks cool it is far from wearable because at 4pounds each they are more closely resemble those heavy metallic spheres attached to ones feet in prison. But if you think your feet are up to the task then you can buy yourself a pair of these recycled sneakers. It has taken the artiste 3 weeks to complete the shoes so please do not pay much attention to the price ( unless you think they are worthless) reclcled sneaker 2

Now putting aside the non wear ability of the sneakers they do look pretty good and send out the message of recycling to the world(or at least to the people who have a look at the sculpture). SO if you are n the mood go pick a pair ; and remember if you cant wear them they will perfectly at home in your display cabinet.

reclcled sneaker 3

Also do check out the Blazer Pentium 1.0, another recycled sneaker by Gabriel Dishaw.