A 3-in-1 Mouse with Trackball Mouse, USB Hub and Numeric Keypad

3-in-1 Mouse(1)

The present generation gadgets are more featured to work like a multifunction device with multiple functionality, and in this all-in-one era, every new gadget is mashed up to work like a multiple device and so is this 3-in-1 mouse, a very clever mash up attempt in part of the Japanese.

This 3-in-1 Mouse is featured with a trackball mouse with two click buttons and a scroller as the traditional one. In addition it is also have a dual port USB hub and a numeric keypad too. It is an ultimate example of compact devices with multifunction facilities, and is perfect for any desktops and is a perfect companion to your laptop too. Mashing up is not always easy and convenient too, but finally a cool new make and clever mashup was released.

This compact design of this 3-in-1 Mouse saves space and your makes your working desk looks clean and tidy. Also, the compact design of the device helps you work conveniently. Moreover, the Mouse is a good exercise for your thumb too, while you play with the trackball. This 3-in-1 combo mouse is a remarkable all-in-one from the house of the Japanese and can be all yours for just $59.78.

Via: [HardwareSphere]