Predator Motorcycle is the Scary Beast on the Road

I have seen many conventional bikes, but the Predator Motorcycle has really freaked me out, and it probably would do the same for you as well. Just imagine seeing the crazy Predator face staring at you in your rear view mirror on the highway – it would easily scare anyone that was just minding their own business.

Predator Motorcycle

The creator, Pitstop Motors of New Jersey, brings up this king of all custom made bikes with the awesome theme of the Predator Motorcycle. This bike is just spectacular, for it certainly looks very realistic for its design which is fully based on the famous antagonist Predator from the movie series. Moreover, it is not just for show but is a fully functional 2007 Suzuki Hayabusa with a monstrous engine and runs like anything on road but with increased intensity and presence as can easily be seen with the variety of images from Miggiddymatt, iO9, SSBMag and theOOrig.

Predator Motorcycle

Predator Motorcycle3

The unbelievable Predator Motorcycle is extremely detailed and took the theme at hand very seriously, displaying the Predator face with great details, different skulls at various parts of the bike including one with its spine still connected and an amazing paint job to add to the setting. Overall, it is an outstanding custom bike job that tops many displays seen before.

I think this bike would be the dream machine for all the bikers who ride for speed, and with this kind of Predator theme, this bike is going to rip the road apart. But bikers would have to beware with such a beast in their grip, for the Police would simply look for reason to pull you over when they see such an Alien looking machine on the road. Not to mention scaring and shocking all bystanders.

Predator Motorcycle

Predator Motorcycle

Still, any Motorcycle rider would love to take this Predator out for a test drive, but let’s just hope they come back safe and not killed off by the monster.

Predator Motorcycle

If you are a major Predator fan, then you would also like the following remakes of the great character, such as the Predator Pumpkin Face or the Predator Christmas Ornament.

15 thoughts on “Predator Motorcycle is the Scary Beast on the Road

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  11. James.

    So he’s riding a predator or a predator is flying just above the ground with some guy on its back, the basic concept is ridiculous. It all looks like molded plastic anyway, not organic like the FX from the movie. Cover it with Vaseline maybe?

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