The Candy Bar Video Projector Gadget

candy bar video projector

If you are part of the gadget geek community around the world then you would definitely be carrying a cell phone, a laptop and an iPod or any other music player. While these fulfill our daily needs of work and entertainment, it is always nice to have something that brings you more freedom…which is what this iPod video projector is about…more freedom…to project and view any video, anytime anywhere.

If you are wondering how can a video projector be carried around with so much ease, then you should realize the size of the candy bar in your bag pack that is always carried around…this iPod video projector is just about that size and comes with amazing compatibility. Now you do not necessarily have to be satisfied with watching a movie on the go on your laptop, instead you can project a 60″ image from any video source using this video projector. Based on digital light processing technology this projector provides great resolution, and with that comes the price of $299.99.

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