New Bionic Ear Headphone: the Geekiest Spy Gadget

Don’t you wish to have spy gadgets like the ones James Bond 007 gets to use in his movies that look so techy, innovative and practical? I have always wished of having such gadgets to help me to investigate the happenings in my surroundings and at last my wish fulfilled to see this “Bionic Ear Headphone” . It can even help to hear very faint sounds from the distance of 20-30 meters and loud noises up to 100 meters with it’s high quality Stereo Headphone.

This is not the only facility of this gadget as it also has an in built monocular which helps us to see any objects up to eight times magnification along with a digital sound recorder to help record the sounds for 12 seconds at a time (helping to gather evidences against some one). If you want to focuses on one particular sound then there is a fine tuning frequency knob which helps you to adjust the clarity of the sound.

Not only for detectives but this is a must have, even for nature or bird lovers to hear the bird’s sound or nature, even any pesky kids who love to interfere in others matters (just for fun). If you have already started to like it then its available with a price tag of $38.63, which is a wholesale rate as the costs per item depends on the quantity of products brought by you.

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