Polish Your Nails in the Kiss Costume Way

kiss costume nail design

Everybody remembers the music band KISS, and no one can forget the legendary costumes of the famed band of America whose songs are still played every where and whose dressing style carried a new revolution.

They were special in their own ways and their specialty has affected the people so deeply that many of them are still following their dressing style and people still love KISS so much that one of the big fan of KISS and Gene Simmons has made a new style of nail polishing.

She calls it “the KISS way”. She is so much fond of KISS band that she tried their dressing styles to create on her nails and for that she used various brand of nail polish of several qualities.

As you can see her nails as she has used China Glaze White on White as the base. Then for the black lines she has used Sally Hansen Nail Art pen in Black. For the line work in between, she has used Zoya Raven and Zoya Trixie for the silver parts. For all the red parts, she has used China Glaze Salsa and for the green around the eyes on the pink, she has used OPI Green- witch Village. Although her art is very impressive as it’s her own idea. If you feel its cool, why not try it once.

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Via: daily-nail