Geeky Monster Desk Design


School authorities who want to bring a difference to the kids’ classrooms can opt for these monster desks which are colorfully adorable. Thanks to the creative idea of xanderthurteen, you can now give a makeover to those old, drab looking school desks by repainting them with monster faces. This will not only add some color to the students’ desks but will also bring some cheer to their faces. However, you will need to take care while painting those big, hungry eyes as it may turn out to be quite uneasy to spend the whole day sitting at the desk where two monstrous eyes are staring at you without a break!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and let the kids enjoy their monster desks designs. Who knows, perhaps the monster sitting pretty atop the desk may help bring discipline to an otherwise unruly bunch, thanks to its fixed stare, that may often become too much to handle for those little ones with high energy levels!

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