Transforming Your Old Xbox into the Star Wars Millennium Falcon is a Piece of Cake

After seeing the pictures of this Xbox Star Wars Millennium Falcon, don’t you feel that how rocking it would have been if you owned one yourself? Although it looks quite hard to built, don’t go by its looks alone because at the end of the day your hard work will pay off, you will be one of the rarest person to own the one and only modified “Xbox Star Wars Millennium Falcon”.

The best thing is that you will have a personal support provided by youtube to guide you through the process of building this killer beauty. To start off, I’ll just help you out with a few points to remember while making for first time, use the kenner 1979 falcon of Star wars to give your Xbbox the real look. While fitting in the DVD use samsung as they are the perfect size for an Xbox game dvd. When placing the motherboard, be very careful and conform it that its not hitting the power supply (to take safety precautions, wear rubber gloves so that no fatal injury is caused).

There are a few areas which will have to be soldered properly so if you are U-18, don’t try it on your own then this work requires a help from a person who knows about computer hardware. For the detailed steps of making this galactic x-box, do visit Pizonbongo’s article. Thanks to Pizonbong who has made it possible by publishing this article which one could never think of making, a true masterpiece which will be their with you forever.

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