A Three In One Ride: a Pulley, a Bike, and a Skateboard!

When we people on earth decided to turn it green again, the first thing we took up as a responsibility is cutting down on emissions, now here is a unique way to make your contribution to the planet. Opulent Items brings us this item as a birthday gift, it is a three in one ride, a pulley which can be a make-shift bike, and can be used as a skateboard too. Such items are ideal gifts to youngsters, and to adults who work not very far away from home. It is ideal to travel in if you are alone, and do not want to get stuck in traffic.
This pulley has a board which can be disconnected, it can be parked in an upright position, which makes it a space-saver, it has a rechargeable engine which works for an hour on one time charge, and goes up to 12 mph. It is charged by plugging into the wall outlet, just like any other gadget you have.

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