The Star Wars TIE Fighter Costume For The Real Fighters

When it comes to Star Wars, people can be crazy to any extent, and when it comes to Star Wars costume, like the TIE Fighter or Tauntaun costume, where there is no doubt of being the hit story just as Princess Leia’s golden bikini.

The Star Wars TIE Fighter Costume is done extremely well and gives you the feeling of a real fighter. Although the costume looks a bit weird as if you re wearing any deep sea diving helmet, but it seems to be authentic to the real sense.

But remember not to drive when you are wearing this TIE Fighter costume of Star Wars, it appears as if there can be total lack of peripheral vision, which is really weird. Whatever be it, if you are a true Star Wars fan, this unearthly looking fighter costume is all for you to give you a real Star Wars feeling. For more cool and geeky Star Wars costume, check out with this Star Wars Jacket.

Via: [Craziest Gadgets]