Enjoy Your Bath with Geeky iPhone Soaps

Remember those days of your childhood when you enjoyed bathing with soaps of different shapes and sizes that were often modeled on toys or favorite cartoon characters? Perhaps you had to shun all that fun as you started growing up. However, if you still yearn to enjoy a piece of those fun days, here’s the perfect solution for you. Try bathing with these cool iPhone soaps for a change!

Created by twoeggplants, these iPhone soaps replicate your favorite iPhone complete with its touch screen and icons on the screen. You can get these iPhone soap bars in different fragrances and even have your pick from the available colors of black, dark blue, ash and green.

Weighing about 3 oz, you will need to pay $7.99 each for these iPhone soaps. Delivered in a clear plastic box decorated with a matching ribbon, these iPhone soaps are not only good to possess but may even turn out to be great gift items, irrespective of whether the recipient loves iPhones or not.

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