The Classic Batmobile DIY Kit Brings Back Old Memories

This particular toy brought back some really old memories, specifically from the classic Batman TV series, something that was just great for the time frame of those days as is the extremely cool Batman Batmobile; the cool means of transportation for the coolest superhero of that time. This DIY kit is for the folk who never want to grow up from the good old days when life was filled with dreams of superheroes saving planet Earth.

DIY Bat mobile kit

This kit which sells for only $35.99 is something that any Batman fan would rarely try to miss out on, not to mention it can act as a great gift for anyone this Christmas. This is an authentic version on the scale of 1:32 of the original thing, which also comes in a cool collector’s edition tin with Batman and Robin figures included.

Also included are decals, instructions and a bonus print,which makes this toy irresistible for anyone. This kit is a skill 2 level and hence needs the use of glue assembly and paint which just adds to the fun of getting this project getting done. You can also have a look at the other fun filled Batman stuff like the dark Batman Haircut or Batman Smart Car. So prowl the dark nights in your very own Bat Mobile.