Toshiba IK-WB15A IP Security Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera

Today when ever you entered in any jewelry or electronic shop you will see yourself in the security TV kept in-front of the owner. For any business industry the security Pan camera become the integral part of our society to save from shoplifting or theft or protect the unwanted entry at your home, office or shop, and to eliminate such problem Toshiba IK- WB 15A IP Security PAN Zoom Camera is the best in industry.

There are many more uses which I don’t required to tell you all as every one in today’s world are familiar with the importance of Security Cam but in the advancement of technologies to keep balancing of both functionality and aesthetic beauty in mind, Toshiba has always been serving the world with one or the other things which have no comparisons and even this time they haven’t led us down by making this killer Toshiba IK-WB15A IP Network Camera.

I don’t think people have seen something similar to this before because of its features like the next-generation Fuji Super CCD electronic light sensor which has an unique 45 degree diagonal angled with a 2.6 X optical Zoom and delivers 60% better horizontal and vertical resolution with crop and high resolution video of 1298 x 960 pixels and the videos have fewer jagged edges as compared to normal security cams and the video processing is also faster and giving you a broader dynamic range which allows you to view a video from anywhere in the world through a standard web browser is used.

Being highly sensitive, the super CCD is effective in low-light settings too and along with it, it also has motion detection capability with auto switching to black and white mode in low light. You will also get a built in slot for the SD card for recording and the total package is available with a price tag $518.13.

You can have a look some variety in security requirements like Hidden Wall safe socket or some  cute Smoke alarm for your home.