The Junk Dunk Metal Shoes Design

junk dunk nike shoes

Whoever said sculptures can only be made by carving a stone or wood must not have seen the Dunk Junk sneakers, for they are masterpieces made of metal?

This is one of the most creative stuff I have come across: This metal shoe is called Junk dunk, created by junk metal artist Gabriel Dishaw. This shoe replica is made entirely from metal scraps, electronic circuit boards, chips, wires etc.

metal junk dunk nike shoes

You must be wondering what is that Nike design doing on the shoe. Actually the artist used pure Nike shoe sole for his earlier sculptures of right and he used a circuit board this time instead for left, but keep refer to his earlier use he put up a Nike sign.

cool nike shoes of metal

Looking like a complete electronic gadget it gives a feeling that if you wear this then you may turn into an electronic robot whose mind is controlled by some electronic shoe. Don’t worry, these are mainly used as show piece or you should say “Shoe piece”.

metal nike shoes

The weight of the shoe ranges from 5 pounds with a Men size of 9.5’ and available in week time. If you like to use this once for a walk or jog then you can loose a hell lots of fat and weight. Gabriel has started selling these shoes though not sold yet, but whatever, this sculpture is by far one of the most creative works I have seen in a long time. Hats off to Mr. Gabriel Dinshaw, I’ll be waiting to see more of your works and also feel that the people reading my posts will agree to it.

Another previous design of his we mentioned is the Blazer Pentium 1.0, which are just as geeky, metallic and heavy.

metal nike shoes design