AutoDesk Printer Design Looks Lethal

Ever wondered if some weapon bigwig like Stark Industries (of Iron Man fame) ever made computer peripherals, what would it like? Check out this Conceptual Auto Desk Printer that will leave a jaw-dropping expression on you with its lethal looks. Usually desk printers are not known for their attire, but looks like this baby is going to set new possibilities.

The sketch renderings of the designer Aaron Hughes looks impressive and shows how he worked out its model from something that looks ordinary to a machine with haute appeal. If it ever hits the tech mills, the looks alone will be a selling point and the price ought to reach sky heights. If you ever get to bring this home, I am sure you will have to mod every other part of your mean machine to look like sophisticated new age weapons just to keep up with this one. Tech Giants should seriously consider placing such designs in the production mill rather than decking their former products with gold and crystals.

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