Every Gizmo Girl Would Simply Love this Cool Game Boy Tube Dress

For some of the Nintendo lovers this Nintendo Gameboy dress could be a priceless piece to wear around and streamlining their wardrobe. Unfortunately they can’t play around but can impress their colleagues by wearing it and buying it for $60 for a medium sized dress!

Amber over at Sew-Oeno did it right when she donned the stuff herself to show her metal of her craftsmanship. The stuff looks perfect with red and black buttons along with grey screen of the classic 8-bit handheld. She knows very well what is there in gamers mind and with this intention created a beautiful present for them. But she put a limitation around that the Game Boy Tube dress is suitable for people 5’5” and under. No worries! If you need the dress in a particular size you can contact her. Alas! It could have been in other combination of colors too.

Many gamers are suggesting that the dress would look beautiful with a pair of Space Invaders tights. In the past, various other Nintendo stuff with which people were convinced include Nintendo NES Controller dress and Tetris Dress.

But in picture above, the game consoles look attractive on her, but in fashion looks tell it all.  Amber looks bewildered in one picture and confident in another, she might be thinking whether gamers would like the design or not. Ok! I like the design. What about you. Did you like the stuff?