DIY SpiderBot is a Freak Robot

spider bot robot diy

If building things is your passion, then you should definitely try your hands at creating the SpiderBot. According to the creator of this design – Daniel Schatzmay, you will need wood, about twenty servos and a laser cutter. The plans for how to construct the arms and legs of the hexapod robot is available Online.

It is however, essential that you use strong servos like the one used by the creator in this design, namely, 20 HD-2213MG. If you plan to use other servos, then it is important that you change the embeddings meant for the horns and servos. The creator goes on to give a valuable tip that you can get shorter leverage by going for upper and lower legs that are shorter in size. What is interesting in this entire creation is that it is made of wood with just the upper leg counterpart made of servo horn embedding. Other requirements for creating this design include M2 thread rod and nuts. So, set out to work now. Get all the materials and kick start your adventure into creating this hexapod.

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Via: The Awesomer