Office Productive Laptop Mounts Make it an Easy Office Day

Human Resource is the lifeblood of any organization and treating them well is in the best interest of any employer, and more benefits coupled with comfortable working environments is directly linked to enhanced productivity and increasing patronage of the work force. The furniture is pivotal when speaking of comfortable working conditions so it has to be chosen carefully. Here are two futuristic designs for office work culture by ace designer Yuji Fujimura that roll out great design coupled with supreme comfort.

The first is the Lounge Chair Work Station, also hailed as the DayBed Concept, which offers a dedicated laptop mount and ergonomic seating arrangement. The Chair has a leg space area too which I assume can be adjusted for convenience. This would definitely make long working hours less taxing but can make someone catch short naps during work. It looks like a personal work enclave and is great for people who operate from home too. I am actually imagining an office floor space filled with these chairs which would give anyone a perfect Oh-my-God moment.

The Laptop Holder is yet another great office fixture that will relieve workforce from the mundane task of adjusting their laptops for ease. The Arm provides free positioning of the machine anywhere on the desk space. There is also a document holder and tilt adjustment.  I can also see these could be used in shopping malls and other public spaces to hold small kiosks that helps user with information.For more on Furniture designs, check the Cubba Bubba Chairs, the Computer Keyboard Chair and the Tok & Study Desk Design.