Not Enough Chairs? No problem! Just ‘Shair’ a Chair and Relax

If you have a scarcity of space in your living room, it is time to “Shair” a chair, for “Shair” is a beautiful single piece of chair, which, if required can be converted into five different Voltron or foldable comfortable seats or cushions.  This piece of furniture can also be defined as a spore and is a fantastic creation of the designer Jie-Jyun Lyu.

If you have not yet followed what I am trying to say, just glance at the picture above.  Carefully notice, how easily cushions can be shoot off from the main chair. See how a single piece of cushion taken from “shair” has been converted into five different beautiful foldable pieces.  Now you will not be embarrassed, as soon as guests start dropping at your home unannounced you won’t have to look for extra furniture at home. Just bring a “Shair” at home and surprise your visitors that you live in a style and have a solution for every problem.

After seeing the “Shair”, it looks amazing and cute along with an elegant chair. The black cushion seems to be made up of valvet. The “shair” also contain some added bonus like as soon as the chairs are separated from the main frame, the hollow structure of “Shair” can be easily conferred into a genuine rack accommodating guests coats, hats and other things. What are you waiting for, just bring home a “Shair”. Other chic designs which inspired in the past include Laptop mounts and 3D Tetris Game Chair Design .

Via: Yankodesign