Marvel Papercraft Rekindles the Memories of Favorite Comic Characters

For many decades we have been gushing over Marvel Comics and all those action heroes that we used to worship; In fact, several decades ago, kids used to read comics, for video games were still not all that developed or popular. With that in mind, here is a guy who has gone ahead and created some of the best papercraft inspired by the characters in Marvel Comics.

If you thought papercraft was easy, you should try and make one of these characters in colored paper and I bet it would be like the myth of Sisyphus for you would try again and again, and would give up finally. The details, the expressions and even the textures look so realistic that you can’t tell these are made of paper using bare hands.

Cyclops looks pretty cool in his armor and the cold expression suits him.

Jean Grey looks busty as she has always been!

Gambit holds the fire and looks evil!

Will Phoenix rise from the ashes again?

Iron Man seems to be ready to sign all the autographs!

Jamie Madrox and the duplicates look pretty cute.

Incredible Hulk looks ready to beat the hell out of you along with Wolverine at his side.

You could also check out characters like Ice Man, Havoc, and Cannon Ball!

This Angel from Marvel comics certainly has a holy aura…

marvel papercraft angel

An archangel who is ranked above the highest rank in the celestial hierarchy!

marvel papercraft archangel

With the angel and archangel, beast cannot be far away…

marvel papercraft beast

marvel papercraft characters

Colossus looks sullen and sombre, and we do not know why!

marvel papercraft colossus

This professor sure knows how to look sinister

marvel papercraft professor x

What could Psylocke be thinking here? Perhaps “I shall skip you eyeballs out if you stare at me”?

marvel papercraft psylocke

The placid looking White Queen is beautiful…

marvel papercraft white queen

If you visit the artist Xavier Leo Gale-Sides’ website, you could read more about how he did them all. If you are interested in Papercraft or Origami, you should also check out the Stainless Steel Insects and Castleforte Trojan Horse.

Via: Tomo Pop and Comics Alliance