Decorate the Wall with a Multi Purpose iPhone Chalkboard

We have seen blackboards in the classrooms followed by their white versions and a for a new decade, there may be a tech flavor of the boards up and running in their classrooms such as the iPhone Chalkboard. We do have a prototype up for grab, codenamed as iPhone chalkboard which is basically a blackboard in the shape of the most popular Smartphone, Apple’s iPhone. It is smaller than classroom board and thus suits for home. Ya, that’s why a prototype!

A chalkboard is nothing new to tell about its uses and/or potential. But this one is a good tool to showcase your love for Apple. It would make an awesome piece of wall decoration for a geek and at the same time will serve as a reminder, for Techies (like me) who more than often lazy and big procrastinator,when it comes to normal worldly things. Right?

So what’s the other difference between using iPhone chalkboard or a normal one? Any guess? Well, while you may try to avoid the sight of ordinary ones, this techie board is hard to avoid. Credit to the iPhone style or love. Whatever. Plus, regular look on the board means regular reminders of the items pending on it. Great tool to minimize procrastination habits.

The iPhone chalkboard is 14.5″ in width and hangs 21″ long. It comes with supplies required for hanging it along with instructions. Huh! who needs instructions?

The price of the board is estimated at $27, but as of today (ie 27 Feb 2010) the status of the product is sold out. You can check for the upcoming lot and grab one before it goes ‘sold out’ again. Plus, contact Playing Grown Up for any creative customizations of your own.

You may have noticed that it is hard to find a place where Apple/iPhone popularity is absent, or even dim; it is everywhere. Be it an Apple G4 Clock Mod on a wall or your Apple Logo Nails! Not even Steve Jobs feels left out with the Steve Jobs Bowling Pins!

Now that chalkboard is also designed like iPhone, we wonder how soon we see a iPhone paint for a geek’s lab or kids room. Lets keep an eye on this! And send your suggestions in comments.

Via iPhoneSavior