Retro Sound Recording Device Will Give The Latest Recording Style With A Glimpse Of Past

The Recording Studio is one place where I wish I could have had got a job, but since I don’t sing that well or neither am I a music composer, a Sound engineer was the job I had always looked forward to. I just don’t know why the educationists never introduced any subjects like sound editing in our high school or collage. I know it’s a pretty difficult job because almost for the whole day, you will be sitting secluded in a sound editing room which is quite often filled with cigarette smoke. But still, it was my dream job and for all those people who have often desired to try out sound recording, Mintpass have tried their best to help us all out with their latest awesome device design “Mint Voice Recorder”.

This is actually a Retro style Microphone Recording Device. Before going on to its functionality, I would like to mention that you have seen a similar shaped microphone in old Hollywood movies too. Its shape has been inspired from the famous 55SH Cardioid Dynamic Microphone.

So starting with its functionality, this mint recording device has been designed in such a way that it’s portable and supports a high level voice recording function too. Its technology enables it to capture and digitalizes audio frequencies from the environment in a data file and digital voice recording facility also produces Clean and clear sound. With two directional microphones, it’s really easy to control it as the control system is similar to that of MP3 player’s enabling easy high quality voice recording.

Mint’s device is an audio recording device which is the best thing a person who is not convinced with conventional voice recorders but can’t afford to buy costly analog recording devices. With an included SD card slot, all the recorded files are directly stored in the card and can be accessed any time. It also plays the music files showing that it works like a music player too and speaker produce amplified sound as well. Over all, whether it’s a heavy crowd or only one person, Mint’s device enables desired sound recording with ease.

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