The Domo Kun Manicure: Paint it Domo

There are some people that spend hours getting their nails done right and there are some people (like me) who wouldn’t normally care even if there were signs of calcium deficiency visible on them. The Domo Kun manicure is for people who value the appearance of something that they so fondly adore and cherish to make an appearance on their nails.


Domo happens to be the mascot for the NHK television station based in Japan and was also repeatedly featured on various short films. Domo is described as being “strange” and something that “came out of an egg”. The character is pretty (Not Jennifer Aniston pretty) but definitely pretty. For avid fans of this rather unique and interesting character the manicure would make an awesome addition to their overall appearance. Now all of us would very well be aware of the fact that people who value the aura of anime gadgets and computers and snazzy stuff related with the two wouldn’t normally be very worried about having some fancy lovable character sketched on their nails, but let’s be honest for a second here and re-think, why wouldn’t we want a domo on our nails? Tough question isn’t it?

To re-live the adventures of Domo in the underground cave that he calls home and to focus on his wicked DNA that limits him from eating apples (there goes the apple and doctor analogy), it really wouldn’t harm anyone (specially kittens who are chased by Domo if people commit acts of self-love on a daily basis) to get him imprinted on your nails.

Manicures are a plenty and nail art is a very famous art expression medium, but wouldn’t you just love to have not one but five Domo characters going wherever you go (and that’s just one hand, imagine what Domo into ten could do).

It’s cute, it’s adorable, and the character is awesome so all of you should definitely get a Domo Kun manicure and honor the Rolling Stones (American Idol anyone?) in your own special way by Painting it Domo. You can also paint your nails in other fun and fearless ways like Alice in Wonderland or pay homage to the iPad.

Via: The Daily Nail