Eat Steve Jobs Cheese Head

If you get a chance to taste the leader of Apple, the mind behind the creation of such innovative technologies, Steve Job’s Nachos head with his beard and even his specs, will you go for it? Well, if you get to know that this beard face of Steve Nachos actually is made of cheese and tastes really spicy and delicious, then you definitely would go for it. The curiosity to taste the lip-smacking head of Steve Jobs has made this very marveling dish get quite good popularity these days.

Not an insult, but the idea of this dish and the idea of getting Steve Job’s head on the plate with forks and spoons in hand is more like a mark of tribute and appreciation of the fans to this exceptionally brilliant mind behind such great success of Apple. An Apple product, either it is an iPod, an iPhone, a Macbook or the forthcoming and the very revolutionary concept of iPad; have always been the hot favorite and the first preference of the users. So, this opportunity of exploring what is there in the head of this mastermind is simply awesome (even though it is just a cheesy head)!

Making a Steve Jobs Cheese head or any of your favorite personality’s cheese head is not very tough at all. But for preparing this dish you must get a photo of the person and if it is a close-up pic then it is much better as the 3D effect of it will help you in getting a perfect outline of the face for cutting it out. The cheese that actually works well in cutting the face and in taking the perfect shape is the mozzarella cheese. Moreover, the pasty white color of this particular cheese is good enough to show the skin tone of a comparatively fair person like Steve.

Take two big blocks of mozzarella cheese and to make these two pieces stand together pin these up through a toothpick or a chopstick.

Start cutting these in the shape of a skull and cut out the facial parts like the eyes, the nose, lips and cheeks. Make the cutting and curving detailed and clear wherever required and for particular places like in the nose you may have to take extra cheese and paste it for a real looking nose.

Give it a final touch by making the beard and hair. A spoon and a whole lot of ground pepper will help you in that and this step demands minute and careful handling. While sprinkling the pepper over the cheese one needs to be careful as it gets stuck very badly which may later on spoil the taste of the dish.

Now Jobs’ face is ready to be used in a number of dishes, like you can make this Apple Cheese plate by arranging assorted gourmet cheeses such as brie, camembert or stilton, Crackers and Fruit along with the Cheese head on your plate.

If you like spicy food, then try making Spicy Steve Nachos Supreme with Steve Jobs Cheese Head, Jalapenos, Tomatoes, Sour Cream, Olives and Tortilla chips.

For Thai food lovers, Job’s face is ready to get integrated with Large serving Pad Thai to make an iPad Thai for you.

In case you have guests for dinner tonight, you can also make this Thundercats Cake along to give your guests a nice sweet dish after meal. But remember not to spoil your clothes, by wearing Star Wars Dark Side Apron while cooking!!

Via: Cooksden