Tripp-ee Gadget Design Makes Life Easier for Frequent Travelers

Going for a business trip or travel trip gives many new hopes for new experiences or you can feel a sad part when looking towards the actual packing of your baggage. Starting to  pack is one of the most annoying and hardest parts because you are bound to forget things which you must need in between the time of your traveling.

Small things like your travel toothbrush, razors, passports, medicine etc. are a few common things which almost everyone forgets no matter how much brainiest they are. It’s also caused due to the laziness which overcomes our aspiration of packing properly.

Thanks to Mintpass and the latest technology available that will make packing as simple as snapping your fingers. Here is their latest design “Tripp-ee” is an all in one package which will make packing damn simple. It shows the capability of creative technology with its various Modulated Compartments which have individualized work.

Or recharge a particular module, you need to stack it with its respective recharging module.  It has been designed in such a way that its non-contact recharging method provides safety means for the whole unit and the user.

A basic set has 100V outlets with separable electric razor and toothbrush modules. Other modules include Personal Alarm Module, Flash Light Module and Medicine Module.

A widget module which allows you to have the weather, the news, the stocks and mp3 player as well and a Bidet module which provides strong water pressure for your drinking and other usage.

Its Charging LED indicator shows blue light while recharging and red light when it has low charge. The equal shape, size and design of all the modules make it easy to stack them together and making them a highly portable module.

An awesome creation for not only business men but everyone and forced you not to forget anything for packing you travel baggage.

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