Disney Edition Monopoly Board Game

If you have a penchant for board games and feel a special bond with Disney characters, try merging the two by buying your own Monopoly Disney Edition Game and enjoy playing it.

Monopoly Disney Edition Game

With a price tag of $24.59, this game can be taken as a cool and refreshing upgrade over the classic Disney Edition and comes with a multi-property twist that you are sure to enjoy. The presence of CGI animation, classic characters, and popular tween licenses like Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana and the High School Musical will add the fun quotient when you play this game of monopoly. Though the design of this game is slightly changed from what its predecessor had, the basic rules of the game remain the same. As you move around the game board, you will notice some memorable scenes from Disney/Pixar films, which are likely to make your somewhat nostalgic.

So, buy, sell and trade your properties to climb your way up in this Monopoly Disney Edition Game. For some other interesting Monopoly games, check out the Family Guy Monopoly Game or the Nintendo Monopoly.