Cool Sparkling Rainbow Projection Animation Test

Having a look at the animation, oozing sparkling multi-color lights from all sides, one can be amazed by the creativity of a person who created this projection animation.  The art-director, motion designer and 3D animator, Reanimatr, who made this presentation did the right thing by introducing such a colorful piece of animation and needs all the accolades for this awesome work.

Look at the video from Reanimatr carefully and you can enjoy the animation with foot tapping music (Song 2 by Blur remix) in the background entertaining your nerves.  You could conjure in the back of your mind that you are actually watching a classic laser show before you. According to the animator, the animation is done in After Effects software and they have plans to do this in reality with powerful projectors. Good job! It would be amazing to watch the projection animation happening in reality and too in front of you. It is really a sparkling rainbow candy; one may like to watch akin times wondering where this lorry would be going?

The lorry is sure going to brighten the brains of more creative persons, who could come up with much more exceptional work in the days to come, after seeing the animation test projection. They are sure to get some rare idea.  Other such animating designs well worth mentioning here include Anime Studio, Super Mario Jesus and Anime Christmas Ornaments.

Thanks Jen for the link!