Introducing the New Walyou Design!

Walyou is happy to launch our new design and would also like take this opportunity to thank many of those who have helped us along the way. First of all, our dedicated and valuable readers that visit us daily, send us cool tips to share with the rest and provide us valuable feedback which helps us improve. Secondly, our hardworking and passionate writers who continue to submit wonderful and interesting posts for all of our visitors and help keep the site going. Moreover, our dearest Friends and Partners from all across the Globe, who have supported us in various aspects in regards to technical areas and also ongoing feedback on Walyou. Unfortunately, there is not enough room to list everyone, so we had to keep it short…We love you all!


Kailoon designed and developed the new Walyou site and besides being a good friend, he has proved as a professional asset through the entire design process. Ever since the beginning, Kailoon provided many professional and innovative ideas towards the new design in order to improve it and make it much more enjoyable for the reader. We appreciate his perfectionism and the fact that he did not hesitate to sit down and make changes in order to provide a result that we were both pleased with in the end.

We highly recommend hiring Kailoon for any design project, for besides simply being a great guy, he is amazingly professional and courteous.

Andrew Tingle

Andrew has been there for us since the beginning, guiding us on how to grow our website and make it a better place for our readers (including our previous design), advising us on business development strategies and has been our personal mentor and a great friend.

You can check out his amazing Blog TFTS for wonderful Technology and Gadgets.

Vladimir Prelovac

Vladimir is a witty guy who advises us on structuring Walyou in terms of SEO optimization and additional WordPress enhancements. Besides helping and guiding us on optimization, he has been a really good friend throughout the entire process.

Last but not least, we would like to thank all our great partners who have helped support Walyou in the Blogsphere and provided ongoing feedback for improvement. You can check out many of their highly recommended sites in our Links page and the Highly Clickable section on the sidebar.

Asylum Network: Asylum is a wonderful source of news and weird findings which includes Asylum, Comics Alliance, Urlesque among additional sites.

Break Media: We want to thank all the people in Break Media for all their help and courtesy. Please check out their amazing sites such as Break, Holy Taco, Screen Junkies and many more.

The Chive: Another cool and funny site with ongoing content that will always give you something funny to read.

I Am Bored: An amazing source to find random, funny stuff, making sure you will never be bored.

Neatorama: We highly recommend to check out Neatorama for the neatest stuff around the web.

Dark Roasted Blend: take a look at DRB for amazing posts including lists, long stories and amazing pics.

Make Use Of: a great source for Software, Internet Tips and Web Tutorials.

Geeky Gadgets: another great Gadgets site which is highly recommended for all Geeks.

2leep: a huge portal providing amazing, bizarre and funny posts from all around the world.

AskMen: A Online magazine for Men that grants various daily items on love and dating advice, celebrities info, health and more.

Maxim: Hot Girls, Sexy Photos and Videos, Celebrities, Gaming, Hot 100, Entertainment

MTV: New Music Videos, Reality TV Shows, Celebrity News, Top Stories.