Now Open Happiness And Enjoy The Coca Cola Foosball Game

Although Foosball or rightly known as the table Football game was invented way back in 1920’s, it’s in the last decade that this indoor game has gained a lot of popularity amongst the people all over the world while Coca Cola needs no introduction I suppose for it’s world’s one of the leading and trusted brands when it comes to aerated drinks and Mike Upham over at coroflot has just put the two together in a cool way to come up with the concept of Coca Cola Foosball table game.Coke Foosball Table Concept

This concept table football would have 4 legs for support as usual, with the usual 8 rows on which figures would be mounted for both teams but what’s not usual over here is that it would have 4 slots (2 on either sides) for keeping your favorite Coca Cola cans and the figures would be molded in the shape of coke bottles, in red and blue colors along with the rest of the box being covered with the Coca Cola logo. So now you can have a blast with your buddies with this awesome Coca Cola Table Football when (and if) this concept would turn into a reality; enjoy game, enjoy the drink while you enjoy with your friends!

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