Star Wars Belt Buckles Is All You Need To Hold Up Your Pants

With the upcoming fashion trends, every fan flaunts their clothes and accessories of their favorite characters like Disney, Mario, in the form of t-shirts or rings, etc. But what all Star Wars fans have here in store for them are the 3-D belt buckles of R2-D2, Boba Fett or Stormtrooper in the geekiest style you can imagine, bringing the star war series alive in our minds.

So if you want to be a part of this popularized world of star war fans, you should definitely add these star war buckles to your collection, as they are a perfect trend that can be used by any age group people. You can now make your boring belts all attractive with these macho metallic belt buckles.

Star Wars Belt Buckles

This amazing retro accessory of adventurous astromech droid of R2-D2 defines your Star Wars popularity while Boba Fett, which was created on the planet Kamino, succeeds in giving a warrior look effect to the buckle. Stormtrooper flaunts his bone-white attire, one of the most variant armor of any fiction movies.

Each of this Star War buckles measure 3.5?H x 3.5?W x 1.5?D approximately, and is available for £25.99 or $39 each from the Star Wars shop. So now if you have a problem with tightening your pants to prevent it from falling down, get these super-cool buckles attached to your belts to add on to your sport looks.

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via: GeekyGadgets