Apple iTunes 9.1 Allows Syncing Your Library to iPad

Apple has announced some serious changes to iTunes with the latest update which was announced just a few hours ago. Apple iTunes 9.1 can be downloaded for free, and users have a lot to look forward to.

Most importantly, you would be able to sync all your playlists and library to iPad, which would be available on Saturday to those who ordered it. Secondly, you would also be able to sync all the eBooks downloaded via iBook app. This would imply that you could start using your iPad as an eBook reader right from the day one.

Another important but less spoken change is that you can now rename, rearrange, or remove Genius Mixes which are found in your library. This sure has got many people excited, and it looks like the iTunes 9.1 would also come with many previous bugs fixed. Interestingly, the latest update also allows people to convert higher bit songs to 128kb/s AAC on all iPod models.

Earlier, this was available only on the iPod Shuffle. Thanks to this, you could listen to music without losing quality no matter how large your library is. Apart from iPad and iPod users, iPhone users need to know that many people have reported that jailbroken iPhones have not been able to sync the library when using iTunes 9.1.

Thus, if you have a jailbroken iPhone, you better stick to the version that you are using. The rest can go ahead and download Apple iTunes 9.1 for free, and enjoy syncing with iPad, syncing eBooks downloaded via iBook, convert higher bit rate songs to 128kb/s AAC, and also manage your library in a much efficient manner.

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For download, check out the official Apple iTunes 9.1 page.