Hard Rock Mona Lisa Version Adds More to Her Enigma

The Mona Lisa portrait is famous for her enigmatic smile and ambiguous expression created by famous artist and mathematician Leonardo Da Vinci. Mona Lisa is appealing to even geeks and nerds of modern times for her mysterious smile and like them she seems to be lost in a world of her own. Here is Hard Rock Mona Lisa portrait created on one of the T-shirts. This modern cool makeover hardly seems to affect or mutate the persona of Mona Lisa.

In all garbs Mona Lisa stands out as a beautiful person who would rather keep her feelings to herself and keep the world guessing. The Hard Rock Mona Lisa in fact adds more to the original enigma because of the tattoos, dark gothic clothing and bright red lip stick, all this along with her expression make her more look like a woman with mysterious aesthetic inclinations and musical tastes. Nerds and geeks who love music and art will love this tee shirt which in a way celebrates the beauty and essence of art. In fact this work shows that historic renaissance art is inspirational to modern day designers.

Mona Lisa has been recreated by geeks in different ways – take a look at Mona Lisa Computer Folders and Mona Lisa Coffee Cups Portrait.  But hard rock Mona Lisa is a modern version of the mysterious woman and an ode to renaissance period.

Via Emptees