The Jedi Bathrobe from Star Wars Can Come Alive Right in Your Place

Sure enough, the Star Wars fan world is just increasing day by day. While every kid tries to imitate their favorite character, here’s something for all the adult or teenager Star Wars fans. That’s possible for now available to you is the Jedi Bathrobe Dressing Gown, that can exactly disguise you as your very own Jedi from the movie.Jedi from Star Wars

The most adorable part is that this gown also comes with a hood, and while you put that on you, you could just step into Jedi’s shoes. So while you are lying around a pool or just relaxing at home, you can adorn this bathrobe which also flaunts a Jedi logo on the front of this robe. For all the people looking out for good quality material and comfortably level, you’d be glad to know that this gown is 100% cotton that makes it soft, totally washable, and has to pockets along with a belt.

I guess this gown is just a piece of cake for all the Star Wars fans, for this Jedi Bathrobe Dressing Gown with its wide sleeves is 144 cm long, thus it can fit every adult from medium to large size too. This is the best deal you can get for it’s available at just $99.99, a perfect dress to support your Star war character and to portray the good side of that world.

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Jedi from Star Wars (2)

Via: Tech Styling