The Mazinger Z Soul of Chogokin Figure: the Robots Have Arrived

Before Robotech or Gundam, there was a little show called Shin Mazinger, the one show that started the idea of Robot/Mecha Anime in the first place. For those looking to take a trip down the nostalgic road of their childhood, the latest Shin Mazinger Z figure by Namco Bandai is definitely what you’re looking for.


This latest version of the fan favorite Mech, is sleeker, smoother and more detailed than any of its predecessors. The first thing one will notice is how metallic and shiny the surface of the figure is, which adds to the authenticity and is a nod to the original concept of the mech. What makes it even more appealing, is the level of detail that the sculpture has, which is far more detailed than the previous version of the figure. Everything has been given that extra level of polish that you would expect from a collectible figure nowadays. Remember that in a competitive market such as the action figure market, what stands out stands out, and the polish definitely makes this baby stand out. It would shine in the plethora of figurines and figures available in the market.

There are also a lot of extra parts and attachable accessories that come with the figure. There are three kinds of arms, four kinds of hands and there is even a missile that can be launched from the stomach! Beyond this, the Jetscrander feature makes a return with this set. The wings are free adjustable, and can be moved up or down to suit one’s taste. Contrasting the previous version, not only is this new version exceedingly detailed but it is also slightly larger in size and scale.  This, topped with the plastic pedestal with can support the entire figure; make this set something for the avid anime figure collector.

Fans of Shin Mazinger Z or Robot Figure collectors in general will not want to miss this new update to one of the most beloved franchises of Japanese Animation culture. Retailing for only $74.99, this is one of the best, reasonably priced figures that you can get that will have this level of detail and extra features. So if you’re planning on adding to your cabinet of Anime Gadgets Collection or simply giving someone you know is an avid anime fan a gift for his birthday. The Shin Mazinger Z action figure is the thing to buy.

You don’t want to mess with the robots now do you?!

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