Show Your Appreciation for DC Comics with The Flash Hoodie

Too many errands to run? Need super speed to get everything on your to-do list done? The Flash costume zip-up hoodie may just be the boost of speed you need.

flash superhero hoodie thumbnail

Complete with usable mask, lightening bolt belt, elbow bands, and speedy ears, this hoodie is an modern, washable cotton twist on the original Flash costume.

New interpretations aren’t uncommon for the Flash as there have been at least four recognized Flashes over the character’s 70 year history: Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Bart Allen, and Wally West, each with their own unique costume and story.


Personally, I’d never thought much about the Flash until my love for The Big Bang Theory came about. Now, the classic superhero makes me smile every time I see the recognizable lightening bolt on shirts and bags around my geeky college. I love that he’s a little less well-known than Superman or Batman, more of a conversation starting point for comic nerds than your typical S on the chest shirt.

True, this hoodie may not allow you to fight rogue super villains or race around the city at the speed of sound, it will let you show your appreciation for a DC Comics classic and keep you warm on chilly spring nights.

While the first comic book appearance of Wally West’s (the current generation’s incarnation of the Flash) will cost you an estimated $92,000 to call your own, the Flash hoodie runs only $45 plus shipping and has sizes up to an adult 2 extra large (2XL).

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