Big Daddy Cake Is a Treat for BioShock Fans

If you have a sweet tooth and a penchant for playing BioShock in your free time, you might want to sink your teeth into this delicious Big Daddy Cake. The cake design comes with the tell-tale diving suit and helmet, with which Big Daddies usually protect the notorious “Little Sisters” during the gameplay.

big daddy cake bioshock

The cake doesn’t exactly look very attractive if you are not a BioShock fan, but it sure looks interesting enough to attract a second look. Big Daddies are creatures without any free will, and their only duty is to protect the Little Sisters, and they would not attack you unless they are provoked, or unless one of the Little Sisters is in danger.

Though as a player you might be trying to fight against them, they seem to be sweet creatures for they protect who they have to, and this sweetness is reflected in this cake. You could also take a look at the Big Daddy Tree Sculpture if you are a BioShock fan, for I am sure you would be inspired by its colossal monstrosity and artistic beauty.

Evil Dark Faerie Via: Hawty Mc Bloggy