Electromagnetic Coilgun Doesn’t Need a License

Robert Wilsford created an Electromagnetic Coilgun from some very common items that can be found easily on the websites, so you can also try this and make a nice gadget sitting at your home sweet home.

I like guns a lot, but we can’t keep them at our homes without a license but this gun doesn’t need any license such as the Steampunk Coilgun. Well! If you are arsenal lover like me, needless to say, you would dare to make this gun. Now promise me that you won’t create much fuss as your parents might get angry over me to have shared its creation basics. I got this amazing gun at the DIY portfolio, so you can also do it yourself after learning the schematics and physics behind this gun. Be prepared to spend a week on this project, after all Rome wasn’t built in a day, similarly good projectiles too require some time.

The outer body of the coilgun is made from wood, plexiglass and metal while in the interior electromagnetic coils have been used coils to push a ferromagnetic projectile (here round ball like bullet of steel) at a great velocity through a barrel. The battery supplies the electromagnetic current and the capacitors control it supply.

In order to make Coilgun, you would require firm and stranded 20 or 22 AWG Hookup Wire (buy larger wire for lower resistance that increases efficiency of the coilgun), 100 ft of 22-20 gauge Magnetic Wire, Electronic Switch of 30 Amps or more (Relay), a Momentary Switch, an On/Off Switch, Battery Packs (More than 2 2AA Holders and 1 9V Holder). You can easily get the aforementioned parts from an Electronic Parts Dealer.

The list doesn’t end here, you also require used Disposable Cameras, Straws (if it is possible take from Burger king, Large Nails (3/16 to 1/4 inch Diameter or choose depending on the diameter of the straw you picked, a Bolt of the diameter of your straw, two washers, and a nut, a spray paint “can gun” handle or other handle, Plexiglas, wood, or sheet metal, Electrical Tape, Solder, Flux (optional) and Super Glue/ Epoxy/ Hot Glue. Woah! Very long list, but you can get these easily.

In tools you would need a Solderer, Pliers, Wire Cutters, Wire Stripper, Scissors, Glue Gun and a Flat Head Screw Driver.

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Via: Hacknmod