Awesome Transformers Cakes

They’re very few things in the world that Debbie cannot recreate into a cake. If any of you mega fans of the Transformers series, were hoping for your favorite Autobots transformed into a baked, flour and egg mixture and still look spectacular, then Debbie, from Debbie does cakes, has decided to make your dream come true with the Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and the Megatron cakes.

Debbie does Transformer Cakes

Making Transformer cakes are an extremely difficult and time consuming process because they’ve got the minutest details to look into as well as those details hidden underneath and with these Transformer cakes Debbie has taken the art of baking to another level.

Debbie does Transformer Cakes (2)

With three spectacular cakes, you have a choice between the heroic, brave and compassionate, leader of the Autobots from Cybertron, Optimus Prime; the small, yellow Autobot with the altmode of a compact car, Bumblebee or you can choose to devour the evil and ruthless leader of the Decepticons, Megatron.

The cakes have all been designed to such great detail with their exact colors and brilliantly shaped weapons that they actually look like action figures and show the amount of hard work Debbie puts into her cakes, which takes them a step above the rest.

Debbie does Transformer Cakes (3)

Well if your kid is one of the biggest Transformer fans out there, why not brighten up his birthday with a cake that would make his day unforgettable?

With cakes as awesomely great as these, I wonder, who would want to actually cut them up?

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