Mega Man Hoodies Brings the Blue Bomber Back into Action

Hoodies is something that is never going to go out of fashion. So we have seen loads of different featured hoodies, like the R2D2 or the Pacman Hoodies, so here is one hoodie to add to these stylish designs with cool color texture; the Mega Man Hoodie concept with a total macho look, making you remind of all the fond memories of this Man.

So to add on to your fashionable wardrobe, Mega Man inspired Hoodies, playing with the shades of electric blue, will definitely keep you warm and cozy until spring. This one,  designed by the DevianArt user Bmansnuggles aka Brendon Phillips is already a huge hit among all the die-hard Mega Man fans even before it has hit the market. You can adorn this Hoodies with a classics look with the great effect of its drawstrings, and effects of your gamer.

Mega Man Hoodies

While you analyze this sweatshirt, the details on the “hood” of this hoodie just adds on to the fantastic design with its light blue centre and perfect arm details to add shades of texture. If you are a dedicated and passionate Mega Man Game player, your will definitely feel the Blue Bomber coming back to action in its 8-bit form with this color coded Hoodie.

This sweatshirt will perfectly suit all kids as well as adults, but while we will have to wait for this concept to go into the production, till then you should also check out the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Hoodies or the Mouth Man Hoodie.

Via: Comics Alliance