The Steampunk Gun with a Cross: The Power Compels You

A drive through memory lane and you’d think what would happen if modern day weapons met with medieval concepts. Well this Steampunk weapon is an amalgamation of both those feelings, a gun with a cross on top of it and two gems embedded on it.

I talk time and again about how super heroes should be revolutionized in their approach and a revolutionary super hero should have a revolutionary weapon. This weapon right here is the answer to the call of the “revolutionary super hero weapon voice”. It looks state of the art; it has a meter to perhaps measure the power of faith? And it has a cross on top of it with an aim and gems embedded. The people at Athens Springer really come up with amazing and innovative ideas for people who adore this genre. Imagine a Priest wanting to become a super hero and take matters into his own hands. This weapon would suit him like a bird suits the sky. His black gown, the bible in his hand, and this weapon in his other hand, he’d definitely kill evil not only by the power of his punches and kicks, but with the power of faith. And what better way to do that than by a weapon with a cross on it, that too with an aim so that the power of faith doesn’t miss the target.


This item would make a great Halloween attire accessory too, and also it would make a great superhero weapon. So if people are reading this and have plans to either come up with a new comic book showcasing a new super hero, or simply people who want an innovative idea to over-power the clutches of evil, then this weapon/item is for you. It’s unique, solid, and would metaphorically combine the power of the world i.e. worldly strength and the power of faith.

Ideas for the super hero could be “faith man” or “the upholder of the word of God”. Corny names I agree, but they could work. With the world at the brink of a third world war, weapons flying here and there, a weapon which incorporates the power of faith and the word of God is surely to be welcomed. I’m sure people would welcome a cross-weapon over a run of the mill ak-47.

This item as I mentioned would be a great addition to your arsenal if you’re an avid fan of the genre as I mentioned above and it is surely capable of warding off the demons that haunt you at night. So if you decide to watch “The Exorcist” with your friends and are afraid, this weapon will protect you for sure.

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