Steampunk Predator Lamp Table

If you liked Predator film which was released way back in 1987, and also the games and films which were inspired by the movie, you must already be familiar with Alien vs. Predator.

predator lamp table

While the plots of the Alien vs Predator movies and games are gripping, they have also inspired several designers to create unbelievable cool gadgets and concepts. Here is a cool Predator Lamp Table holding Nunchucks (among other weapons) which has a height of 75cm.

The table comes with a glass top, and a Predator figure that is sculpted from mechanical parts and steel. Some of the parts that make up the detailed Predator figure are bearings, nuts, springs, cogs, bolts, chains and steel fabrication. They are assembled by hand and thus, each Predator table is a unique work of art.

While you may want the lamp in which the figure holds a Nunchuck, there are also others in which the Predator sculpture holds sword, spear and laser gun. Thanks to the clear coat of lacquer, the sculpture which supports the glass top of the lamp table looks well engineered and impeccable.

predator lamp table gun

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Via: Nerd Approved