Atari Controller Coat Hangers are Perfect for Retro Gamers

Any geek, gamer and old school nerd would look at these Atari Controllers turned Coat Hangers and would just flip in excitement. I mean, it isn’t every day that you are sent so many years back and have such a practical use for a retro gaming controller.
atari controller coat hangers design
Artist Felipe Morales has used the Atari controllers in one extraordinary way and basically brought them back from the dead to be useful in an everyday way. I personally have played the Atari back in the days and this design brings tears to my eyes.

These Atari coat hangers are conservative in color and would look perfect in any room…especially for a die hard gamer from the old days.

If you were more of an Arcade gamer, then the Arcade Stick Coat Hangers would be more of your style, but if Atari was your choice, then check out the Atari Controllers Earrings or the Atari Neon Lamp for other cool remakes.

Via: GadgetHim