Aquaman Hoodie is a Great Comforter

If I ask the question ‘How many of us wish we were superheroes with amazing superpowers?’ then the list of people who said ‘Yes’ would probably take up twenty web pages in ten minutes. Apparel designers have realized this craving among consumers and have been, for a long time now, designing clothes that are based on one or the other superhero costumes. Thus we came across this DC comics zip-up hoodie based on the Aquaman outfit.

Aquaman Costume Hoodie with model

If one looks closely at the influence of comics and pop culture on fashion, then one will see how wearing a piece of clothing like a t-shirt or a hoodie based on some superhero outfit can make a bigger statement than wearing a normal shirt. These special outfits might not be for all occasions but when you do wear them, you steal the show. It’s also interesting to see how this zip-up hoodie chose Aquaman as the inspiration. Aquaman, who in the DC universe might not be as famous as Superman or Batman, is one of those rare characters which demands attention in any conversation. Agreed, that this hoodie doesn’t help you breathe underwater like Aquaman can, neither does it make you the Dr. Dolittle of sea creatures, but what it does offer you for $55 a piece is comfort and attention of the people around you. And maybe, also a consolation to the fact that although you’re just human, your imagination can definitely be creative.

aquaman without model front

aquaman back

It’s a great gift for kids and adults, and it brings to mind an age before video games and cable television, when comic book heroes were our gods. Honestly, I believe that age will come back soon, until then, zip up and be cool. If you like the idea of superhero hoodies, then make sure you also check out Mega Man Hoodie and the Flash Hoodie .